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The strongest and most flexible solution on the market

Handicare Auto Products restraint system: HandiSecure – has a reputation for being easy to use and having a high level of flexibility due to all the combinations and possibilities.

We always test our products to the maximum! Which means that this system has been tested with 100 kg wheelchair instead of just 85 kg as the ISO and SEA standard requires – this makes HandiSecure one of the strongest WTORS.

Safe, fast and easy restraint

HandiSecure gives you a reliable solution for fastening wheelchairs in a vehicle. When using HandiSecure you can enjoy the flexibility on an everyday basis. It is easy to use, and you can place the wheelchair exactly where you want. The retractors are fully automated, and the steel housing makes them very durable. HandiSecure is crash tested with HandiFloor and surpasses ISO 10542 at 100 kg (normally 85 kg).



HandiSecure™ Overview






If you are in doubt of what kit to choose, please contact us, and let us help you find the best solution and most economic solution for you.



User Manual:

User Manual - EN


 Please contact us to access further documentation (test reports etc.)