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Makes the most of any space

Handicare HandiFloor Exploded

HandiFloor offers a high degree of flexibility, which easily allows you to change the layout to fit any needs and situations. We have designed the floor to have a low profile of only 25 mm – this ensures a maximum of internal roof height.

Handicare Auto Products provides seven different profiles, which all can be fitted to suit any floor layout.


Flexible usage

HandiFloor is compatible with all common WTORS and seating systems from several manufactures.

The sliders installed in the profiles make any seat installation fast and flexible. Columns and cross members will never again cause problems for your preferred seating layout, and it only requires simple tools to rearrange the seating.

HandiFloor is the ideal solution for any application where flexibility and reliability are needed!

For HandiLift™ - Wheelchair Lift   For HandiSecure™ - WTORS  


For HandiSeat™ - M1/M2 Seats


Easy installation

HandiFloor is easily dimensioned and adhered upon the original floor base. The instalment is done by a professional a few hours, depending on the vehicle model and layout.

Our spacers are available in anodised versions, which can ensure an easier mounting when over 3 meters are required,

For your convenience, predefined layout can be ordered for all common vehicles. 


Approved quality

To ensure the highest safety, we have tested HandiFloor according to the European directives 76/115/EG and 96/387EG and thus obtained approval. We have furthermore tested and obtained approval according to the ISO 10542 standard for wheelchair restraint systems.

Making HandiFloor M1 and M2-approved for a wide range of seats from different manufactures.




If you are in doubt of what profiles to choose, please contact us, and let us help you find the best solution and most economic solution for you.











Weight pr. meter


  Mini Spacer 86 mm 1,78 kg

    Single Spacer 122 mm 2,25 kg
    Single Track 122 mm 2,93 kg
    Single Airline 122 mm
2,93 kg
  Double Spacer 244 mm 4,30 kg
  Double Track 244 mm 5,54 kg
  Double Airline 244 mm 5,54 kg





Mounting Instructions


Mounting Instructions - EN


Please contact us to access further documentation (test reports etc.)

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